Teachers, trainers & assessors

Teachers, trainers & assessors

“This was a fantastic event that has opened my eyes to the importance of relevant employer engagement messages that need to be communicated in various manners within my organisation and with the employers we are seeking to work with in the future.”
Richard Jenkins, Project Manager, and Training Skills

Apprenticeship delivery

Future Apprenticeship courses aimed at practitioners include:

  • A package of support to help deliver specific apprenticeship standards in a range of industries: Accountancy & Financial Services, Adult Care, Construction and Maintenance, Customer Service and Business Admin, Digital, Education and Training, Engineering and Manufacturing, Healthcare and Dental, Hospitality, Retail, Team Leadership and Management and Warehousing and Logistics. To book onto these courses visit the course page on the booking system.
  • A one day course on ‘Building your business‘ to help you reflect on your employer engagement strategy and business development processes and sales skills.
  • A one day course on ‘Basics of apprenticeship policy and delivery‘ for practitioners and organisations new to apprenticeships or for staff who require a refresh to the apprenticeship reform policies and practices.
  • A one day course to an ‘introduction to curriculum planning‘ to support you to make changes to your curriculum planning and content design in relation to the apprenticeship standards.
  • End-point assessment (EPA)

    For details on End-point assessment including a number of mock assessment reports visit the EPA page.
    Courses are available to support you and your organisation in planning your involvement in EPA.

    Equality and Diversity

    A free 2-hour online course on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Apprenticeships’, is available for front-line staff apprenticeship staff. The course will help you to identify barriers and solutions to the new apprenticeship journey for your learners.

    Maths and English

    The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) offers ‘English vocational revitaliser’ and ‘Maths vocational revitaliser’ workshops as part of the Maths and English Pipeline which may also be of interest to you.


    All Future Apprenticeships webinars are recorded and free to access, visit the webinar page for a full list. Webinars include speakers such as senior government representatives and providers implementing good practice. A range of virtual CPD support for maths and English in apprenticeships is also available.
    To keep up to date on the Future Apprenticeship webinars ensure you are registered with the ETF’s newsletter.


    The Future Apprenticeships Toolkit has tailored support on a wide range of topics to help you introduce and deliver the standards including:

    • Recruitment,
    • Curriculum – design and planning, and
    • Delivery and preparing for end-point assessment

    For additional resources visit the Future Apprenticeships resources page.

    Support with progression into apprenticeships – traineeships

    If you’re involved in delivering traineeships, the Traineeship Staff Support Programme (TSSP), developed, a number of the provider-led resources. Take a look at the Traineeship page for more details.

    The Apprenticeships Staff Support Programme (ASSP), the fore-runner to Future Apprenticeships developed a series of practitioner-led resources to support you with curriculum development, teaching and learning and English & math delivery within apprenticeships. All these resources can be found on the Excellence Gateway.

    You may also find these pre-vocational case studies useful which can be found on the Excellence Gateway.