Project end!

So as we move into Christmas I can’t believe that these 6 months has already passed! A huge thank you to all my colleagues at ELATT, Bromley by Bow Centre and the sector generally who have been so supportive and enthusiastic about our project. We’re really satisfied with the progress we’ve made but can now […]

Dissemination with Third Sector leaders

With delivery of our project now in full flow, the project managers from each centre (ELATT and Bromley by Bow Centre) have focussed in November on disseminating the learning from our project so far to the sector. This has led to making presentations at two sector events this month: at the Third Sectordefinition National Learning […]

ELATT’s 30 Anniversary Celebrations

On 4 November 2014 ELATT hosted its 30 Anniversary celebrations at City Hall on London’s South Bank. (you can find out more here and here … and here. We also have videos, photos and quotes from the day coming soon!) The objectives were both give staff, volunteers and students a great, memorable day out, but […]

Inclusion in Apprenticeships

One of the areas we want to develop with our third-sector led ASSP project is inclusion within Apprenticeships. The current situation is well set out in today’s Skills Funding Agency update:, and We have published anew equality and diversity data report and supporting tables for the 2012 to 2013 academic year. Key points […]

Early project thoughts

We’ve been looking today at how to pitch our Apprenticeship offer – we run IT programmes and our partner Bromley by Bow Centre does Childcare. So the main point of discussion here is how to run a uniform/value for money marketing campaign with such a diverse offer – will need some thinking to make this […]

SME engagement

Currently talking to a tech start-up (just outside Old Street – culturally within the ’roundabout’). Talking about: 1) apprenticeships 2) work experience 3) the attitude they look for from new staff in a small business. Watch this space! Update July 7 It’s a slow process though. They now have all the bumpf following up on […]