OTLA results – Lifetime Training Group

I have just analysed our OTLA grades as a result of delivering the EAT course as part of the ASSP project.   We out through 54 staff to completethe course, 51 staff have had an OTLA completed on them (3 needed in total for the course). we have conducted 71 in total and resulted in […]


Lifetime Training Group have just uploaded their resources for QA into Drop Box. It was only after reviewing the branding today that I realised how much had been created and how far the project has come since we started it at the end of August.   I am going to be reviewing the OTLA grades […]

Lifetime Training project plan

Hi everyone. I have been so busy getting the plan in places for our courses and promoting this to the business I forgot to attach my presentation from the planning meeting!   Looking forward to reading everyones updates!   Fallon