Submission of final resources….

In Touch Care have submitted their final draft of resources and links to website into the Drop box as requested by Tim. All ready and done in time for the Chirstmas break, we are looking forward to the feedback from the QA process to say all is complete and ready to be used by everyone. […]

VET conference – National Skills Show

In Touch Care attended and presented at the VET conference at the National Skills Show. It was a great opportunity to disseminate our progress so far with our project. There were not as many attendees as hoped for but the small numbers allowed for a more personal delivery which was also aided by the ‘speed […]

QA visit at In Touch Care

Last month we have been working hard to create the resources and lesson plans to use on our new website where we will promote the delivery of the 3 programmes. We identified the level 3 pratictioner programmes, the level 5 manager programme and the level 3 teacher programme. The teacher programme will consist of the […]

QA visit for In Touch Care

I am thoroughly enjoying developing our ASSP project and it is coming along nicely. Cath Jackson came to In Touch Care as part of the QA process and she had this to say ‘A productive and informative visit. The tour of the facilities at In Touch demonstrated how they are already harnessing the potential of ICTdefinition […]

ITC progression

ITC have had their second discussion with our mentor Sue, who is impressed with the progress so far. We have designed the survey below as part of our research and this has been sent to employers in early years. As part of our ASSP project we are using the newly approved ICTdefinition in early […]

QA report findings

In Touch Care had a successful meeting with our mentor Sue Yeomans on her visit. Sue was very happy with the project at this stage, she found the company refreshing and inspirational. A discussion was held with Cath Jackson our QA about the progress to date and we were given a solid green RAG rating as […]