Looking back on what we have achieved to date

Looking back at the last 6 months and the activities that have been undertaken, it becomes clear that we have come a long way in terms of  understanding of what the Apprenticeship reforms mean for both a training provider and an employer. The staff and employer handbooks produced as part of this project will prove, we hope, to be an invaluable resources for the sector. The staff handbook provides a detailed analysis of the strategic and operational issues all training providers need to consider as well as an overview of the proposed reforms. A useful appendix section has also been added for further guidance. The employer handbook has been created to enable employers to gain  an insight into the processes for employing an apprentice, the issues they need to consider before embarking on this journey and the support they will need to put in place to make sure the outcome is successful –i.e. the apprentice achieves and the employer has a return on their investment.

A key part to the success of this project was the implementation of a questionnaire which targeted staff working in employer engagement within the college. The purpose of the questionnaire was to identify the current challenges surrounding employer engagement in terms of promoting and delivering Apprenticeships  and how this service could be improved. The questionnaire covered the areas of:

  • Organisational support
  • Employer engagement
  • Apprenticeship reforms
  • Training needs

A case study looking at the findings from the survey and the subsequent actions will be available for download shortly

So, in conclusion this project has been very worthwhile and has set the organisation on a path which will see a complete overhaul of  how we engage with employers and apprentices

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