Support with progression into apprenticeships
Traineeships are a key route for preparing young people to compete for, and succeed in, apprenticeships with providers taking a key role in co-ordinating delivery and working with employers to offer the work placement.

The Traineeship Staff Support Programme (TSSP) developed a suite of practitioner led resources to help with recruitment, teaching, in-work support, as well as support beyond the duration of the traineeship. Resources commissioned and funded by the Education and Training Foundation are available on the Excellence Gateway.

If you are currently delivering traineeships and would like help to increase and/or improve your delivery, you can access a range of resources on the Excellence Gateway including:

  • Improving the quality of teaching
  • Supporting staff to engage with employers
  • robust initial assessment processes
  • Supporting learners from vulnerable and excluded groups and communities and those who have protected characteristics.

If you are not currently delivering traineeships and would like further information then visit our useful links and developments page.